quinta-feira, 19 de março de 2015

Archive Free Font by Slava Kirilenko | KiloGram Font – Free Heavy Display Font

Archive, a free font download by Slava Kirilenko, has some real interesting letter forms for you to play with. Download link found on FontFabric.
Found on FontFabric

KiloGram Font

Kilogram font is designed by Karl from Kalle Graphics and was based on a font called Anagram by Nick Curtis. Kudos to Karl for designing such a stunning font and not charging for it. Not to mention the work Karl has put into creating the various promo designs for Kilogram, some of which are here. Visit his website to see the full collection of designs based on Kilogram.

Download KiloGram direct from Kallegraphics. Link Credit Font first found on FreeTypography


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