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MOSS: Dialogues Between Art and Design

Projector 3(20) 2012

Musetouch Visual Arts Magazine

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Musetouch Visual Arts Magazine

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Photography by Zivile Geina.


Photography by Melnik Lena.


Photography by Weird Chess.


Photography by Robert Boisson.


Yamamoto Ryuki SHI SHIN KEI 私心景 -Super Privatism-"

Shigeru Ito

Shigeru Ito is a Japanese artist currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. He has worked and collaborated with various clients for commercial projects inculding JWT (Thailand), Nokia, Visit Australia, Pty,. Ltd /Australia, and more.

Angga Sapta Maulana

Angga is a 28 year old Photographer/Event organizer based in Indonesia. He owns his own photography called ZPlus Photography that art directs for pre wedding, advertising, and company profiles. His bubbly personality is reflected on his subjects and always likes to feature human or human emotions in his photos.

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Brett Beyer

Der Fotograf Brett Beyer macht hauptsächlich Fotos von Architektur. Für einen Auftrag der OMA Architekten, die vor kurzem die ‘Milstein Hall’ der ‘Cornell University’s College of Architecture Art’ fertiggestellt haben, entwickelte er eine spezielle Technik, um das Innere des 2.322 Quadratmeter großen Gebäudes abzulichten.
Beyer nutzt das Prinzip von Google Earth und fotografiert das Innere in 250 einzelnen Bildern, jeweils von hoch oben und setzt sie anschließend mit Photoshop wieder zusammen. Das Ergebnis gibt es hier in Form einer interaktiven Karte. Außerdem wurde es als Klappposter im Newsletter des College verschickt.
‘The Architectural Firm OMA recently completed construction of Milstein Hall at Cornell University’s College of Architecture Art, and Planning. I was commissioned by the college to make an Interior Aerial photograph of the 25,000 square foot studio space as if you were looking down through the roof. I did this by pointing a camera down from the ceiling on a boom and making 250 separate images of every square inch of the space. I then combined all the images using Photoshop. The print was published as a fold out poster in the College’s quarterly newsletter. They also used it for an interactive website.’

All images © Brett Beyer | Via: Petapixel