segunda-feira, 19 de março de 2018

WITH YOU Zine by Studio Pizza

Archive Dreaming by Refik Anadol

Archive Dreaming from Refik Anadol on Vimeo.

A hypnotic and captivating media installation created by artist Refik Anadol for SALT Research collections. More on the project here.
Commissioned to work with SALT Research collections, artist Refik Anadol employed machine learning algorithms to search and sort relations among 1,700,000 documents. Interactions of the multidimensional data found in the archives are, in turn, translated into an immersive media installation. Archive Dreaming, which is presented as part of The Uses of Art: Final Exhibition with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union, is user-driven; however, when idle, the installation “dreams” of unexpected correlations among documents. The resulting high-dimensional data and interactions are translated into an architectural immersive space.


quinta-feira, 15 de março de 2018

The Winter Olympics Issue by The New York Times Magazine

The Winter Olympics Issue

by The New York Times Magazine

Cover: Photo illustration by Idris Khan

34-35: Photo illustration by Idris Khan

36-37: Photo illustration by Idris Khan

38: Illustration by Tatsuro Kiuchi, 39: Photograph by Finlay Mackay

40-41: Illustration by Tatsuro Kiuchi

42-43: Photograph by Giles Price

48-49:  X-Ray by Nick Veasey

50-51:  Illustration by Tatsuro Kiuchi

62-63: Photograph by Calle Huth

68-69: Photograph by Benjamin Lowy

quarta-feira, 14 de março de 2018

New website by Spin

The new website of London based design studio Spin is pretty outstanding. There’s lot’s of interesting experimental work to dig through, so go and have a look.


L2M3 Kommunikationsdesign

L2M3 Kommunikationsdesign is a Stuttgart based graphic design studio founded by Sascha Lobe in 1999.

Andrea Dell’Anna

Andrea Dell’Anna, is a London-based Italian graphic designer fascinated by systems that employ beauty, intelligence, and culture.

This Way Up by Adam Hunt

Adam Hunt is a London based designer, currently working across a few brands at Wieden+Kennedy. In his spare time, he designs, writes, edits and produces This Way Up, a magazine that explores and showcase the curiosity, desire and fulfilment of self-initiated projects. You can learn & see more about This Way Up on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.