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“She looks into me” is a series of intimate images that hold a deep reverence for a time when the mystery of life and the mystery of death were closely related. Conceived in a manner close to theater this book is divided in 3 chapters that explore the idea of human representation and how looking at an image in an active way can evoke more than what is actually depicted in front of you.
To look at something is undeniably very different from looking into something and this is the genesis of this new work that borrows the title from a poem by Surrealist poet Paul Éluard.
From a necessity of simplification of form/content the author takes the reader in a stream of consciousness relation between each picture choreographed to address a sphere of the immaterial and through subtle and evocative nuances talk about symbolic aspects of the human psyche and how we all relate at some point in our lives.

    She Looks into Me  .  Nuno Moreira
    Softcover with flaps / 84 Pages / 22x28 cm / Incl. supplement with text by Adolfo Luxúria Canibal
    Foreword by M.F. Sullivan, Afterword by Jesse Freeman
    Release Date: January 2018 / Limited Edition of 200 copies / ISBN: 978-989-20-8093-2
    25€ Free worldwide shipping (reduced price until January 31st.)

"In his previous work Nuno sought to «capture» his moments of unconsciousness, whereas in the realization of She Looks into Me, he appropriated the unconscious to strive to represent it, and his work is now much closer to that of the Surrealists.
Life, death, dreams, thoughts, are the raw material. The threads are woven into a play. The pictures are always aesthetic, but it is to make us forget their presence and allow us to focus on the narration which remains interpreted by everyone’s mind. It draws, one chapter after the other, the «being», the «becoming» and the process of deconstruction that follows («unbecoming»).
Consistency remains throughout the book, with recurring patterns that allow us to read a continuum, such as the cycle of life and death, which are, of course, ubiquitous motifs throughout the book. The rhythms change, accelerate and then slow down, before accelerating again. In this book, all the formal elements that constitute it (photos, layout, texts...) disappear at the service of the storytelling.
And finally, the title refers to the perception that Nuno Moreira proposes to us. It is no longer a question of looking at things, but rather of looking into things, in the sense of the original French title of the poem, Elle se penche sur moi, which speaks of being available to understand the other, to find a confidence in him. Where it is about seeing in the other to put his life/love in his/her hands, proof of ultimate confidence, beyond life and death. Then one reads their love, the only one capable of transcending the physical limit of the body, of time, of the wear and tear that reappears in the third part of the book. Death approaches, and then one questions about existence, his own and that of the other, whom we build a relation with."


- Christer Ek - Photographer / who needs another photo blog

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