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Dennis Hopper: Drugstore Camera

From Artbook, where Dennis Hopper's new "Drugstore Camera" book is being sold: "Drugstore Camera feels like a stumbled-upon treasure, a disposable camera you forgot about and only just remembered to develop. Yet in this case the photographer is Dennis Hopper and the photographs, remarkably, are never before published. Shot in Taos, New Mexico, where Hopper was based following the production of Easy Rider in the late 60s, the series was taken with disposable cameras and developed in drugstore photo labs. This clothbound collection documents Hopper's friends and family among the ruins and open vistas of the desert landscape, female nudes in shadowy interiors, road trips to and from his home state of Kansas and impromptu still lifes of discarded objects. These images, capturing iconic individuals and wide-open Western terrain, create a captivating view of the 60s and 70s that combines political idealism and optimism with California cool." (images via nytimes) Read our February, 2007 interview with Dennis Hopper here.
Dennis Hopper: Drugstore Camera
Published by Damiani
Edited by Michael Schmelling. Introduction by Marin Hopper

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