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Freelance Logo Design Proposal and Invoice Template For Download

Logo Design Proposal Invoice Template To Download

Logo Design Proposal and Invoice Template For Download

A Signed Contract

Although I don’t have much faith in contracts I do use this logo proposal as a form of signed contract from the client. The idea is that once I have sent off the proposal, they them sign the last page and send this back to me: thus signalling their acceptance of my ToC’s, and to proceed with the project.

Download, Use, Change and Share

Please feel free to download, use and change/adapt this logo proposal template as you see fit. The download package contains a PDF and an editable Indesign file.
Hopefully goes without saying that the first thing you’ll want to remove and change, is: my logo, my personal details, bank account information, and anywhere else where I have used my full name: Graham Smith and/or The Logo Smith. Probably wise to do a Search & Replace for those last two names.
What’s mine is yours, and all that…

Download: Freelance Logo Design Proposal and Invoice Template

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